Your Account Dashboard

Your account dashboard gives you access to every aspect of information in your Très Spa account from past orders to wish lists and your rewards balance.

When you are logged into your Très Spa store account, this is your welcome screen.

Tres Spa Account Dashboard

From here you can navigate through any of the subjects under the My Account heading.

“Dashboard” Is what you see above,

“My Orders” will show you any current or past orders so you can keep track of your preferences and make reordering easy, I don’t have any to show you and it looks like Roger hasn’t ordered just yet so there isn’t much to see here.My Orders at Tres Spa

Once there are orders in the history, you will always be able to see what you have gotten in the past to make reordering easy.

“Downloads” don’t really matter to us since you don’t download your skin care from Très Spa… at least not yet who knows what future technology will do?!

“Address” allows you to modify or update your bill to and ship to addresses making it easy for you ensure you don’t miss a shipment!

Addresses in your Tres Spa Account

Have a separate Billing address? No problem. Is the Post Office your delivery address? No problem! We ship using USPS so they deliver to PO Boxes and they deliver on Saturday as well.

“Payment Methods” allows you to record your preferred payment settings.

You can use Paypal, Amazon Pay, or Square to purchase your Très Spa products. Whatever you prefer. Credit card information is not stored on the Très Spa servers.

 Saved Payment Methods

“Account Details” really should say Login or Password since that is really what it is about but you can also update other information like your name or change your email address.

Account Details for Tres Spa

“Points and Rewards” This area will give you the running tally of how many points you have earned and what you have spent. Think of it like your running bank book for your reward points. You can track how you earned them and see wehre you spent them.

My Tres Spa Reward Points

“Log Out” Well there isn’t to much to say here. While we’d like you to stay, we understand you have a life and other things to do. So to be sure you really mean to leave, we will ask one more time….Are you sure you want to leave us?

Logging Out