Your Rewards

The Très Spa Rewards Program

Tres Spa Rewards Program

We believe you should be rewarded and what better way than to earn points?! We all like points. Points reward that you can turn in for discounts or even free products. You earn them, bank ’em, and decide how you want to spend ’em.


Here is how you can earn points:

Join*,  Shop, Share, and Socialize!

Join and instantly earn points!

Earn 200 Points just for creating your Très Spa Store Account.  Set up is fast and easy.  When you are logged into your account, you will earn points every time you purchase from the Très Spa store or write product reviews. Find out How to Join and other details HERE.

Shop the Très Spa Store

Earn points for every dollar spent in the Très Spa store.  As you shop the store, you will notice there is a line just above the quantity selected and the add to cart button. It tells you exactly how many points you will earn once you purchase that item. You will earn 7 Points for every $1 spent.

Share your Experience

Ask any shopper and they will tell you, they like to “hear” what others say. You probably feel the same way, you value what others have to say about their personal experience. I know I do! And, as a business owner, I rely heavily on your thoughts and opinions. So please take a moment to share your experience with others by writing a review for a product you use. Each time you share, you earn points. In fact, you earn 250 points for every product review you write up. Yes for everyone of them. So many of you use more than just one product so imagine how many points you can rack up!

Socialize, the other way to earn

Social media is a great way to have fun and to share information with others. Tag us in your social post to earn anywhere from 50 to 300+ points depending on the social post. Do a video and earn Free products in addition to max points!

Tres Spa Rewards program

Here are all of our handles:Facebook: Très Spa Twitter: @TresSpa Instagram:  tres_spa  or Hashtag #TresSpa & #Tres_Spa

To get the points for social media posts added to your account, simply post and tag us. We should receive an alert. If we miss it, feel free to send us an email at Make sure to let us know what media channel you were on.

*Remember, you must be logged into your Très Spa account to accumulate and earn points.

Spending your points

You earned them

You can decide how to spend your points on purchasing Très Spa products. I wanted to keep the program as simple as possible and I wanted you to have control. After all, you earned it!  You can bank them, save them, or spend them when ever and how ever you choose. No restrictions. If you want to amass enough points for free skin care for a year, no problem. Want to use a few points and save the rest, sure, you can do that. No limits or restrictions and no black outs.

Well, one restriction, points can only be used to purchase Très Spa products from the Très Spa website.

Tres Spa Rewards add up!