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If you are reading this, then you must have missed your pop up opportunity to for the newsletter sign up. Not to worry, you can still Signup Now!  by following the link and sharing your best email address.

Tres Spa Tribe Newsletter sign upWe all like to feel connected to products and groups we have grown to respect and admire. It’s a basic human need, to Get Connected and we all enjoy that sense of belonging. As a Macro business, there is a different feeling or vibe between Très Spa (the “company”) and you (the “customer”). We think of it more like distant relations from the same universal tribe and our writing and communications reflects this. We aren’t communicating at you, we are conversing with you. .When we write and compose, we are thinking of you and we are speaking with you.

Heck you can actually dial our number and speak with a live person when you contact us.

What can you expect from us when you sign up?

The first thing you are going to get is a whopping 15% discount code you get to use one time just for singing up on the newsletter . It’s our way of giving you a Welcome Gift and recognizing you as a valued part of the Très Spa community. After that, you can give yourself discounts and rewards whenever you want and for how much you decide. See our program details here.

So just how often will you get emails?

Mail box to full? Newsletter Sign upHere’s the thing, we think you are very busy and we think you get slammed with lots of emails masquerading as newsletters. Emails from other companies trying to get you to do this or that and act now before time runs out. We get them too and quite frankly we send almost all of them to the trash bin.

Admittedly, we tried one or two of these fast marketing attempts but we didn’t like it. Everyone told us that is what we needed to do. It felt forced and contrived. Not at all how we are as a company and how our tribe operates. So we stopped doing it.

We have tried the regular “just like clock work” “Johnny on the spot” newsletter approach as well. Yeah, that didn’t feel genuine either so we stopped that. The only one that kind of worked is the New Year message. We love New Years.

We tried the supper spectacular special deals and bundled specials for the theme of whatever holiday happened to be going on at the time. Again, not us so we stopped and quite frankly our prices are so low there really is no room to slash prices ever. Frankly, when we designed our rewards program we did it so you can create your own personalized discount sales whenever you want!

So what do we do?

Tres Spa Tribe Newsletter sign upSince we tend to shy away from all of the all the typical newsletter programs, what do you get when you sign up? From time to time we send out short messages just to let you know we are thinking of you and wishing you well. We will send out the occasional positive message to remind you how much you matter and how special you are and how worthy you are because in the world of negative messages, we think you need to be reminded about the positive stuff too.

Sometimes you’ll get a longer message that shares what’s been going on from our end of the universe as well as any new developments or things we are phasing out. We’ll also send out reminders from time to time to encourage you to take advantage of benefits you can earn.

We can’t tell you for sure when we’ll be sending it or how often you will get one but we can promise you will get one if you choose to Sign up! 

So how do you get connected?

If you want to join us, we welcome you with open arms. All you need to do is Sign Up Now!  to Get Connected