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Top 7 tips to get your beauty sparkling again

Tres Spa Featured Products in Harmony with Nature

These are some of our favorite tips to help you feel your magnificent best. So if you find yourself feeling a little blah or blue, try any one of these tips to help transform your mood. When we are feeling optimistic and positive it radiates all around us.

  • Aroma therapy – One of the fastest, and easiest ways to transform your mood is to use a good dose of aroma therapy. Essential oils have a way of transforming our perspective. Pick a blend that works for you. Partner your aroma treatments with some meditation for even more elevation.
  • Soak in a nice hot bath – There is something wonderfully trans-formative in the simple act of soaking in a nice warm bath. It only takes 20 minutes. Make it even more special by adding some Vegan Milk Bath or add in a Fizzy for some aroma therapy.
  • Never underestimate the power of a lovely hot shower – Add a nice frothy organic soap scented with pure essential oils and packed with some extra exfoliation and you are transported.
  • Try a nice stimulating body scrub – Body scrubs can be used dry or wet. Either way a body scrub works to help slough off the top layer of skin and debris. Your skin will glow fresh.
  • Surround yourself in aroma therapy – Something as simple as surrounding yourself in a pleasing natural scent can go far to nourish you Mind, Body, & Spirit. To really wrap yourself, use the trifecta of organic soap, lotion, and aromatic mist. Try the Awaken blend to really lift your spirits.
  • Spa inspired Pedicure – There is nothing better than happy feet. If you can carve out about 30 minutes you can have a life altering pedicure right at home. Our Lux gift set includes our step by step instructions as well as all of the pieces you will need.
  • Our favorite is a full Spa quality Facial – You’ll want to give yourself about an hour or so to really relax and enjoy the process. The effort is well worth it as you will be rewarded with a fresh glowing face. Our Petite Facial gift set has all you will need for a facial at home or on the road. The gift comes complete with the step by step instructions.
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The beautiful truth

Beauty does not exist

At least there is no one fixed interpretation of what is beautiful. Is it a look, a smell, a touch? It is actually a combination of all of these things and more. But here is the most interesting truth about beauty, it is always open for interpretation. Like a work of art, you are beautiful. Everyone might not agree with us, but that is okay. They have their own internal definition of beauty and how it looks or acts.

The lens of what true beauty is is heavily influenced by a persons internal perceptions and experiences in life as well as the societal norms. For some people really long earlobes and blackened teeth are quite fetching, but that look is not for everyone. Some love the smell of lavender and others are revolted by it. I once knew a person who loved the smell of stinky feet. Can you imagine that?! Go figure!

Beauty requires diversity

Each of us determines the level of attractiveness for ourselves. We may have some similar interests that stem from primal survival and our desire to preserve. But how we pull them all together is unique for the individual. Thank goodness we live in such a diverse world with such wonderful variety of humans.

With so many people on the planet, we would guess that there is at least one of every kind and at least one admirer. But you don’t need to wait for validation from the outside world. Sure, it’s nice to have it. But you can feel beautiful and accepted all on your own.

Beauty is a feeling

We can all agree on this one thing; The most important characteristic of what makes you beautiful is how you feel about yourself. And, quite frankly, how you feel about you and how you treat yourself is the most important loving relationship you can form. After all, this is how you will express love and care for others. So beauty starts from within and it begins with you.

But feeling beautiful does not come easy for many of us. Some of us may feel discounted and over looked by the world around us. Some of us who have suffered ridicule may have an even harder time and struggle to even feel half way decent. So saying you have to feel beauty on the inside might pose a problem. Try these tips to help you spark your inner beauty.

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Carbon Offset

Offsetting our carbon footprint

Tres Spa and Sustainable Travel

Carbon Offsetting is a way to pay back and pay it forward by donating funds to mitigate any greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, electricity use, and other sources. There are calculations that can be done based on manufacturing processes, shipping, and any travel by car boat or plane. Once you make a donation, those funds are then added to the general ledger to fund various projects on a global level. Projects can range from forest conservation & biodiversity of indigenous species to cleaning the oceans and alternative energy production to supporting local communities that had been exploited.

We donate a flat amount quarterly as well as an extra donation for each time we travel. For Très Spa, sustainability and global conservation is so important. We are a small company so it’s nice to be able to have a positive global impact and Carbon offsetting makes that possible.

Individuals can do this as well. There are several companies out there that you can find to donate to. Think about donating the next time you fly off on vacation or how about donating to cover your commute.

Currently, we participate with Sustainable Travel for our carbon offsetting. Why travel? When we travel, we learn about each other. We get to experience different cultures and different eco-systems. However, we need to be mindful of supporting and sustaining these environments. While traveling can be fun, the damage that can occur could devastate the delicate balance. Sustainable Travel’s mission is to protect and conserve our planet’s most vulnerable destinations by transforming tourism’s impact on nature and communities.

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100% Recycle

When we select packaging for our products we evaluate their environmental impact weighed with the customer needs and the product requirements. You can put the empty packages in your curbside recycle bin. Just make sure you rinse out any remaining product.

We have started a new partnership with Teracycle to make it even easier for you to be able to recycle Très Spa products right from your home. We think we have designed a program that should work for all of us and one that works for a small entrepreneur company. We have big ideas but small footprint so we needed a program we could scale. It’s a program we are very excited about.

Here is how it works: You give us your clean recyclables and we’ll give you points thru our rewards program. Collect your points and use it towards your next purchase. All return packaging needs to be clean in order to earn your reward points so make sure you rinse out any residual product.

Mail in returns: If you are one of our remote customers, simply hang on to the the empty packaging until you have enough to fill an envelop or box. When you are ready, let us know and we will send you a pre-paid label to use for your box or envelop. We appreciate it if you would save up a few items before shipping back to us. Minimize our carbon impact by bulking up your packing.

Farmers Market and Event returns: When you see me at the market, you may notice my portable recycle bin. This is so that I can collect your Très Spa empty’s. You’ll still get points that you can save up and spend at the market or trade them in for on-line credit towards any Très Spa products.

This is a new program and we want to see how well it goes and what your thoughts are so please feel free to share your opinion with us at

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Earthworms Returning To The Tundra!

OK, yes, I am being silly but the last few days I have been amazed and delighted to see a rather significant number of earthworms milling about the path. Every morning (well almost every) I go for at least a 30 minute power walk outside.

Why outside?

  • It’s good to get out and freshen the lungs with air other than your own recycled air. Sure I live in the city and there is air pollution, but the benefits exceed the minor exposure.
  • 30 minutes of sun shine on your shoulders makes you healthy and happy. Vitamin D (Bone health) and if that isn’t good enough for you, John Denver can tell you why: Sunshine on my Shoulders Yes, I know it’s raining (remember the earthworm population explosion). but to those of us who have lived in drought, well that rain fall is a little bit of sunshine!
  • Give your nose a break! Look, you gotta get away from the same smell or you just dull your senses so go out and play bloodhound and give your nose a break from what is most familiar. But we’ll talk more about your nose in another post.
Earthworm, Snake, Large, Meadow, Animal

So why am I so happy about the little wriggly worm? 

  • Because there is enough moisture to bring them back. In case you hadn’t noticed it, they have been in short supply the last few years. When resources are limited, nature has a way of either dying off or going into extended hibernation only returning when the climate conditions are favorable.
  • Earthworms are one of Mother Natures workhorses for soil health! They clean debris and leave a neutral PH soil that is nutrient richer and properly aerated.
  • Happy soil makes for a happy life! I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how important rich nourishing soil is to our health and supporting life. They bring Harmony to Nature!

If you want to know more about how earthworms benefit the environment, here is a great article from Penn state. 

If you see a little earthworm on your path say thanks! After a few days of rain around here, I was giving a lot of gratitude on my walk today! Of course I also looked a bit silly dancing around them all as well, but you know I never mind looking a tad bit silly from time to time. 🙂