Our Bodies

If you stop to ponder the human body and all of it’s intricacies it really is fascinating. From the internal workings to the outer shell, it is a wondrous balance of interplay that happens to keep us alive and healthy. Most of this is done for us without any thought at all. There is no need for conscious interference from us for much of our bodies functions. We breathe without thought, our hearts beat, and the food we eat is processed and nutrients digested and dispersed to fuel the body. Your skin regenerates and your hair grows without any intervention from you. Our bodies even work to defend against foreign invaders inside and out.

Your body was brilliantly designed to last a lifetime though some wear and tear may show (if you are lucky). Amazing by design but to often over looked and underappreciated through the folly of our youth, learned behavior of neglect, or a poor self image. The good news is that some, not all, of that “lived in look” can be minimized. Turns out, the healthier you treat yourself the less intervention is required.

We have dedicated our company and our digital universe to help you on your journey. You will find articles to help you understand and care for your skin, Your Face, and Your Hair. And articles about living in harmony Mind, Body, & Spirit.

No matter what condition you are in right now, you are amazing. You really need to know that you are incredible and deserve the very best. It is never to early or to late to start caring about you!

Why are we so concerned with your body?

Even I was astounded when I found myself starting a skin care company. Looking back on my life it would be the last type of business I would have seen myself starting. But the heart wants what the heart wants and I wanted others to feel loved and cherished. There are two ways I know how to do that. One is to feed your belly and the other is to feed your mind, body, & spirit. I choose the later and the best way I can do that is by making exquisite personal care in harmony with nature. Products conceived and created with intent.

To say I was never popular is an understatement. I was one of those out cast fringe people. You know the one. The one that everybody seemed to ridicule and exclude. Freckle face, pigeon toed, glasses, bad teeth, bad hair, and a good foot taller and wider than everybody (including the boys). My appearance was a constant source of insults so it’s understandable that I was not at all fussy about caring for myself. I was on the fringe just trying desperately not to be noticed. As a result, I became conditioned that being around people was torture and I took the insults to heart. I never felt good about me so why bother caring at all.

Eventually that changed many years later. It all started once I had the opportunity to experience a spa. A co-worker of mine, named Sarah, suggested we have a spa day. It was the Dot.com boom era and I was in the heart of Silicon valley so we could do things like that back then. Take off work to go to the spa in the middle of the work day. So she booked two appointments for us and we went off to this charming little day spa in one of the swanky charming downtown districts in the South Bay. My eyes were opened and the experience changed me in ways I did not comprehend at the time. Thanks Sarah where ever you may be you pointed me in a direction that would forever change my life!

Since that day I have visited many spas and even some very high-end exclusive ones. The true magic behind any spa is the ability to transform your relationship with you. Spending the day having a troupe of people usher you from one fabulous treatment area to another with refreshments in-between is truly marvelous. But you don’t need all of this to treat yourself divinely. It starts with something as simple as a really good bar of handcrafted organic soap.

I can’t solve all your problems. That is not what I am here for. But I can help ease your way. I can create products that love and nurture you Mind Body & Spirit. I can create products that respect the planet and the delicate eco-system. I can help you be in harmony with nature as you treat your body and your surroundings with caring products derived from natural whole ingredients. I can share what I have learned and what I know. And, hopefully, I can help you take better care of you because you really do deserve the best care.