Our Faces

Of all our body parts, the face, neck, and décolleté are the areas that deserve all of the attention you can give it. This is true for both men and women. Your face is always exposed and subjected to all kinds of torture. From shaving and plucking to pounding on cosmetics and smearing on any number of products, your face goes through some real punishment. Over time, it’s gonna take a toll on you not to mention the effect time itself has. Your face can start to look a bit weathered and fine lines start to turn up. No one is immune from it.

In a panic we start to buy anything that promises to repair the damage and make us look 20 forever. They use odd sounding ingredients with lots of pizzazz and twisted science (even some made up) that convinces us this over priced product is the secret. They cleverly show the 20 something models with their perfectly airbrushed skin to make us think that this is what you will look like. It wont work, you aren’t going to look 20 forever no matter what chemical concoctions they dream up in a lab. Not even surgical intervention and synthetic bovine injections will do it. The sad truth is that some of these artificial interventions can have a devastating and tragic effect that you may never recover from.

The good news is you can help prevent or minimize the effects of time and the trials that the environment can have on you naturally. A little TLC with nutrient and mineral rich products can help protect your natural luster and resilience. It doesn’t need to cost you a fortune and you can do it yourself. Although, it is nice to get a face treatment from a professional from time to time. Just check and see if they use organic and sustainable products. If not, they may let you bring your own. Don’t be afraid to ask.

At Très Spa, we approach face care the same way we approach everything else, simple, flexible, and natural. Our goal is to help you tap into your natural beauty with products that celebrate the best nature has to provide. Our face care line is rich in highly beneficial minerals and nutrients that can help you create and maintain your fresh healthy face.

Here is a quick list to some of our articles that are specific to face care:

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