Face Oil by Tres Spa, Balance to Harmonize Oily Skin


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Très Spa Balance Face Oil This blend can be used for any skin type, but it may be especially good to bring balance to oily skin conditions.

Harmonize skin that is oily to normalize character. It may seem counter intuitive to use an oil for skin that seems to produce an abundance of oil on its own. However, a well designed oil that is specifically formulated for this unique skin type can help bring a harmonizing balance to the skin, making it naturally slow down its production of oil.

The soft subtle scent reminds us of tall grasses.

Ingredients: Organic seed oil, Camellia oil, Celery Seed oil, Juniper Berry oil, and Petitgrain, Tocopherol, Rosemary Oleoresin Extract (ROE)

Harnessing nature’s powerful gifts for any skin type. Très Spa facial oils are a rich luxurious blend or pure plant based oils. Our oils are designed to be absorbed into the skin easily, leaving your skin feeling soft and not greasy. When using face oils, you only need a drop or two. Since the oils spread a long way and contain no water you will not need to use as much as you do with other moisturizers. Directions – Place 2-3 drops on face and gently massage in.

Face oils can be used in place of other moisturizers and can be used before bed or as a foundation before applying cosmetics or other protective skin care like sun screens. As with any of our natural skin care products, it is best to store facial oils properly by keeping them out of the sun and in a dark, cool location.

While we carefully select all of our ingredients, there may be a time when one or more of them does not agree with your skin type. As with any skin care product, if you experience any irritation, immediately stop using.

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