Très Spa Natural Lava Pumice Stone



What do you get when you mix hot (magma) lava with water? If you said Pumice, you are correct. If you said Hawaii, you are also correct. The Très Spa natural pumice stones are made of natural laval rock so they are porous and abrasive, perfect for sloughing away dry skin. Can be used for feet or hands or anywhere you have dry patches or built up callus.

There is nothing like the feel of soft smooth skin and for many of us it’s a live long ambition to get and maintain smooth supple feet. With all of the action our feet get everyday and the miles of friction causing activities from sports to socializing (Dance club anyone?) it’s no wonder our feet get a bit callused over time.

At Très Spa we worked out the simple 4 step process to getting and keeping feet as soft as silk. One of the critical steps involves this fantastic eco friendly natural pumice stone.

These are natural pumice stones so the measurements vary but the average size is 2.5″ X 3.75″