Oats & Sugar Body Scrub


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Oatmeal, not just good for eating, it is perfect food for great skin care too.
Très Spa’s Oats & Sugar scrub is a thick rich scrub that is soft and soothing to the skin yet effective at buffing away dead skin cells and opening your pores. Oatmeal has been used by many to help relieve the symptoms of dry skin. The oats work to exfoliate the skin and absorb surface dirt while it works to help repair the skins natural moisture balance.

The essential oil blend of Lavender & Rose combine with the nutty scent of the oats and oil to create a truly unique fragrance.

People who like this, are looking for an “all purpose” scrub. This scrub is so rich and gentle you can even use it every day. It’s even gentle enough to be used as a facial scrub.


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Weight 9 oz