Organic Conditioning Shampoo Lavender Chamomile


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Très Spa Conditioning Shampoo is created with our own blend of Organic oils known for their reputation of providing unique nurturing constituents that help build strong healthy hair. To this blend we added pure essential oils that have earned a reputation to aid specific hair and scalp conditions.

Lavender Chamomile a delightful blend of Lavender and Chamomile perfect for any hair type.

Parents tell us, this is the perfect bar for kids!

Ingredients: Organic Coconut oil, Organic Palm oil, Organic seed oil, Organic Castor seed oil, Organic Flaxseed oil, Organic Perilla oil, Organic Camellia oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Distilled water, Rosemary Oleoresin Extract (ROE), Lavender oil, and Chamomile oil

Directions: run the bar under warm water and start working up a lather. Swipe the bar several times down wet hair. Set the bar aside and lather shampoo into hair. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

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Weight 4 oz