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Our products focus on formulating with whole plants that are minimally processed, keeping their nutrients in tact. Designed to meet the value demands of the eco-conscious, cruelty free, and vegan person. You can find out about who we are, what we do, and why in our About Us pages. All of our products are lovingly handcrafted in small controlled batches in the US.

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I have been a fan and a follower of Chef AJ as well as an active member of her UWL, Feel Fabulous Over Forty, and other group challenges for a couple of years now. I also have a rich library of The Truth About Weight Loss. I find them to be a tremendous source of support and encouragement in adopting a whole plant food diet rich in nutrients and liberated from Salt, Oil, and Sugar. I hope you find the information and the inspiration to make positive life changing adjustments. Remember, it’s a journey!

*Chef AJ’s Banana Muffin or Cram Muffin recipe from one of her books

While others focus on nourishing you from the inside, my focus is on nourishing you on the outside. It is true, the best skincare is what you ingest, but what you apply to the outside matters. After all, what goes on eventually goes in through absorption. All of the products created by Tres Spa are sustainable whole plant based from cold pressed oils to the pure essential oils. Find out about us, what guides us, what our innovation process is. We are a Vegan company, PETA Approved, and part of the PETA Business Partners

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