How to set up an account

Setting Up Your Très Spa Store Account:

It’s easy to do and can save you time and money. Plus, only registered store account members are entitled to earn, save, and spend reward points. Points can be cashed in for discounts on your order at the time of checkout or you can keep saving them for a “Rainy Day”. Tired of typing your address over and over again? Enter it once and save it No need to keep entering your bill to and ship to addresses over and over again.  Just do it once and forget it.

One Step Set Up

Setting up a Très Spa store account   You can store your shipping and billing address as well as your preferred method of payment. Please note, credit card account numbers are never saved on the Très Spa servers but you can use.

The option to create a store account is offered to shoppers at the checkout stage after your have entered your address. Simply check the box before proceeding to the next stage.How to Set Up Tres Spa Account

Check the Box!

You’ll also be prompted to set your password further on in the process. Remember, Passwords are case sensitive. Here are tips on creating Strong Passwords for your accounts.

Once you have finished placing your order, your account will automatically be populated with the information you used to complete your order.

*Please note, credit card numbers are not stored on the Très Spa server

Alternative Way

What if you want to set up your account but you aren’t quite ready to shop, how can you get a store account? Easy, simply send an email to You will be sent a form or questionnaire to fill in so we can establish your account for you. Once your account is set up. you will receive a notice in your mail box. You can then log in

Any other way?

Nope. The way the software was written, the developers assumed that our shoppers would want an account. So you have choices: Shop or Shout Out and we will be happy to help you. Our system auto generates 16 digit randomized passwords. You can always log in and change it later.