How to write a review

… and earn points doing it!

Reviews are some of the most important things you can contribute for a business and for your peers. Many of us use reviews to help us decide what choice might be the best one for us. For a business, like Très Spa, it’s a chance for me to hear what you like and ways we can improve.

Product Reviews

Writing a review for Très Spa is very fast and easy to do.

  1. Find your favorite product (you can navigate to it by entering the product name in the search box), then scroll down the page to where you will find the three tabs: Description, Additional Information, and Reviews.
  2. Select the Reviews tab
  3. Rate the product with stars and write your short review comments: What did you like? How did you use it? What could be better? Would you recommend it for others? Why? 
  4. Click on the Submit button and you are done!

If you are logged into your Très Spa Store Account, you can skip to the last step, you will automatically receive the Reward points*

Write your review

Otherwise, you will need to enter a name and your email before submitting.

Name – you can use your given name, nickname, or an alias if you prefer. Account members can choose which name will show up. The default is your full name so if you want an alias, please let us know.

eMail – use your best legitimate email, don’t worry, you will not be auto enrolled into any newsletters or forced into a membership. Your email will never be displayed to the public and we don’t sell lists.

All reviews go through a moderator before they are posted. Why? Because there are a large number of spammers who write up the wackiest things and hope to get it posted. Someone once told me they do this to get cross links or some such thing. Any way, we need to screen them out in order to let you through.

*Only Très Spa Store Account owners get reward points for reviews.