Powders | The Why, What, & Who

Très Spa Organic Dusting Powders

Tres Spa what is a body powder forWhy use a body powder?

I am always stunned when I hear this question, but if you are asking it, you are not alone. I assumed
everyone had learned about powder until I introduced the Très Spa Organic Dusting Powder group. The first question many ask is; Why powder?
Of all the reasons, I think the number one reason to use a powder for most is to keep dry and comfortable. Powders are used to create a silky protection for your skin to help cool, sooth, and
reduce friction. You can read about other applications. Some common and some quite uncommon.
You really are only limited by your creativity.

Who uses body powders?

With all of the uses, it is easy to say that anyone and everyone can benefit from using a powder. From head to toe, a powder can help you with your daily personal care. If you have never tried one before, what are you waiting for? At Très Spa we created a collection of powders for everyone, from our amazing Organic Comfy Baby Powder with its delicate Rose petals, our extremely popular Silky Organic Skin Dusting powder with a bouquet of flower petal power mixed in, our Organic Gun

Powder, Body Powder for Men and it is woodsy blend of essential oils, to the Organic Foot Powder
with nettle leaves and tea tree blend of essential oils. Read more about them here

What goes in a body powder?

There are three main groups of powder substances that go into any and every powder out there. Each one has its own advantage and some have rather serious disadvantages when it applies to skin care. At Très Spa we understand the natural power of plants and we have a commitment to sustainability so when we formulate we use only Organic plant starches and other botanical ingredients. Select your powder below to find out more.

Tres Spa Botanical Blend for Organic Dusting PowderWhy are Très Spa body powders Exceptional?

At Très Spa we understand the natural power of plants so when we formulate any new product, we open the pantry of endless plant based sustainable ingredients. We stand by our motto to source our ingredients from nature and not from a lab. When we set out on the journey to create dusting powders in harmony with nature, these principles illuminated the path we would take. Through careful selection, through thoughtful evaluation, through experimentation, through final evaluation, we here at Très Spa feel that we have provided you with an exceptional organic powder you can trust.


Silky Skin Dusting Powder by Tres SpaVanilla Coconut Cream Dusting Powder by Tres SpaOrganic Comfy Baby Dusting Powder by Tres SpaGun Powder, Body Powder for Men by Tres SpaFoot Powder by Tres Spa