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What Is A Body Powder For?

Tres Spa what is a body powder forWhat are the uses for body powder or dusting powder

and is there a difference….

I’m always stunned when I hear this question, but if you are asking it, you are not alone. I had assumed everyone had learned about powder until I introduced the Très Spa Organic Dusting Powder product line. I was amazed at how many questions I received from people who never learned about the advantages of a good dusting powder. So I created this post is for you.

First, let me clarify, powder is powder no matter what you add to the title: Body Powder, Baby Powder, Dusting Powder, Skin Powder, Magic Powder, whatever you can think of. They all share one over-arching purpose and that is to create a silky barrier for the skin to wick away water and oil and to prevent rubbing irritation.

Now, having said that, all powders are not created equal. Each manufacturer chooses what they will use.  At Très Spa we choose organic botanical as our foundation for several reasons. You can read more about that later.

My first introduction to powder

When I was a baby, I had very fussy skin. Prone to rash and eczema, I even sported the signature red rosy cheeks!

At the time, doctors encouraged mothers to help keep baby’s bottom dry with a dusting of baby powder. The product that dominated the market was made with talc and, at the time, they did not realize the hazards (or potential ones) of using talc.

We know better than that now. There are more than one class of materials that can be used to make a body powder. But there were some significant benefits to using body powders. Namely keeping my skin dry and friction free.

Some things you never outgrow

Clearly powders can be used to keep baby’s bottom soft and dry, but it turns out that powders can also help grown-ups keep their nether regions cool and comfortable. Ask anyone who has ever worked a kitchen (especially men). They will tell you they had their own box of cornstarch and that little box saved their family jewels.

Use a body powder to keep you fresh and cool

OK, now I am going to get really real here  but you should know this: There are two regions on the adult body that require special consideration. All of us humans have areas that tend to heat up. Due to the fact that hair is also present, our sweat glands pair with sebaceous glands to release both water and oil.

Unfortunately, these areas of the body are less apt to be able to catch a breeze to help them cool off and dry out. They may need a little help. If you saw the experiment of three powders, look to the phase 2 and the images in step 4 and step 5. You can imagine how this would be on your skin. You can see why powder will help to keep you cool and comfortable and prevent friction.  It’s kind of like this…

Use as a deodorant

Depending on the season or how much you sweat, you can even consider using powder to protect those pits. It’s my preferred “go to” in the winter and I use it with my body stick in the summer (a one-two punch) on really hot days. Other factors play a role, too, such as how much or how often you shower, whether or not you shave, if you work out, if you shower daily, what you eat (curry fans and garlic fiends know what I mean. Hard to hide that love affair!), clean clothes, etc.

Use at the gym

If you lift weights, you know you do not want your skin to catch and pinch on the bar. You need a smooth slick surface or you run the risk of ripping your skin. Chalk is a type of powder. You could say it is powder in cake form. Typically, it is also talc powder, so if that concerns you, I suggest you pack your own body powder. An obvious choice would be Très Spa’s Gun Powder.

As a marathon runner with very sensitive skin, I was always prone to rubbing and chaffing from my feet to my inner thighs to under the bra line and the inner bicep. Body Powder is how I spelled relief both before and after a run. Even though I may have a rubbed rash after the 26.2 miles, once I showered and dusted off I could literally feel my skin sigh with relief.

For the best sleep of your life

If you have never had the chance to know what it feels like to sleep naked on silk sheets, then here is a treat for you and way more eco-friendly than silk (don’t do it). Get some astronomically large thread count organic sheets or, better yet, an organic cotton and bamboo blend. Take those lovely sheets and dust them with a organic botanical powder. Slip into the bed and into the most luxurious feeling of soft bliss.

For fresh healthy feet

There is nothing worse than stinky feet. Well, maybe stinky feet with athletes foot. Yuck! Use a powder to help keep your feet cool dry and comfortable! A good foot powder with tea tree and peppermint oil can also help keep your shoes and feet fresh all day long.

Some other unconventional uses

Powder off after a day at the beach. The powder will help separate the wet sand from your skin. So pack that powder when you head to the beach. And if you’re a surfer, you definitely could use powder! Head to toe!

Use it as a dry shampoo.

Remove oil stains on clothes.  Depending on the type of powder, it can help “pull” oil out of fabric. Simply dust the area with the body powder and let it work its magic. Brush away the powder and repeat if needed.

Powders can also create a safe barrier between you and crawly bugs. Did you know you could create a line of powder across your doorway or window sill and ants won’t cross it? Spiders don’t like powder and they get especially peeved if there is peppermint present.

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6 thoughts on “What Is A Body Powder For?

  1. Thank you so much for the info. I have always loved body powder and usually buy the expensive fragranced stuff because all these years- I didn’t want to smell like a baby, & have spent a fortune on high end ones to layer my higher end perfume! Now I see yours, ALONG with an education that is informative and thorough. I think I’ll adore your product & what a BONUS I found to see the Gun Powder! I have an adult son who works out at the gym frequently and has a physical job( used to be in a restaurant kitchen ) ~ and a hubby who only recently is reporting to me an itchy issue in his area and I haven’t changed laundrysoap ( I use ” “Bleeped” organic” anyway) So… I’ve tried to keep different drugstore brands outside the shower for my men… but they are too ” cheapy” for me… like “Bleeped”… but that’s the consencise…so I am THRILLED about your stuff that I happened to stumble upon while shopping online for fragrance ( my usual ” Bleeped” )…. so, I’m confident I will be sold in your stuff and again- thanks for the wonderful information. I love learning and YOUR post teaches! ( something other companies don’t bother with)! Sincerely, Maria K.

    1. Hi Maria! I am so glad you happened to digitally trip into us here at Tres Spa and Welcome! Also, thank you very much for taking the time to share your thoughts and insights. I hope you don’t mind that we bleeped out the brand names. I am thrilled that you took the time to research the information here and my heart is lifted knowing it meant something to you! We try to be very informative because we believe knowledge is power and everyone should be empowered. Our powders are 100% natural and have no fragrances. If you wear perfume, this would work wonderfully since the scent will not compete at all. We look forward to getting to know you better and welcome to the Tres Spa tribe! Don’t forget to sign up for the News & Information

  2. … ohh, I’m adding more.. ( embarrassing but important to me that you know) … I have sprinkled body powder on my sheets… my son & daughters sheets for years and years!!! Now you design s powder that is FOR that also!!! How wonderful! It really dose keep a bed fresh and inviting. I will purchase ” organic cotton & bamboo blend” sheets from now on. I am excited. Our beds along with invitingly fresh… should smell like US… which with all our scent

    1. I have fallen in love with the Organic Vanilla Coconut Cream for my bed. I drift off to sleep dreaming of soft sandy beaches and warm summer nights with the sound of waves on the shore. I agree with you, you should smell natural. That’s the beauty of using natural ingredients, the scent is rounded and melds with you. It’s like a soft accent.

  3. … AND the baby pic looks exactly like my daughters’s baby pic!!!! Looks like the same baby!

    1. That is me sitting next to one of my Grandmothers at Christmas time. I have no idea how old I am there. 🙂

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