Aromatherapy Bracelets

Naturally formed Lava is a very porous stone that will absorb the essential oils then slowly release the scent  as you wear it. All of our aromatherapy bracelets are handcrafted by Tres Spa using stones and minerals from nature, accented with base metal spacers, strung on natural strong cotton or double wrapped elastic thread.

Adjustable: fits average to above average wrist sizes as it expands to 9.42in and contracts to 3.14…in (Pi to be exact).

Average Size: fits a wrist circumference of 6.28in or the average adult.

Above Average Size: fits a wrist circumference of 7.85in or the above average adult size.

*All bracelets are handcrafted so expect variations from the image. The theme remains the same but exact colors, stone styles, and accents may vary.

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Showing all 3 results