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There is something magical about a pedicure. When your feet feel pampered and happy, all is right with the world! Cares and worries seem to melt away as soon as your toes touch the effervescent foot bath and your Mind, Body, & Spirit are lifted away.

The Tres Spa Luxury Spa collection for your feet has everything you need for a spa inspired pedicure whenever you want and wherever you are. Inside the collection you will find our Tres Spa Steps to Pampered Feet and all of the products you will need for several luxurious pedicures included

Start with our Organic Soap for a quick wash, followed by our Foot Soak, then have a bit of deep buffing with our Lava rock pumice, a gentle yet effective exfoliation with one of our body scrubs. Top that off with our rich thick Organic Butter stick and you are set! Just to make sure you can step away safely, we included our Organic Botanical Foot Powder to keep your toes comfortable and dry through the day.

The Tres Spa Luxury pedicure Collections come in Four of our favorite Tres Spa Synergy Scent blends:

  • Sanctuary with soothing Lavender & Chamomile, ideal for relaxing sleep. Fancy a Pedi before bed?
  • Invigorate to stimulate circulation and help those swollen toes! This is our favorite for tired achy feet.
  • Awaken for the brightest happiest feeling, you can’t beat sweet citrus with a splash of mint and a hint of spice.Everything nice!
  • Renew with deep rich wood notes that offer peace and protection. This collection also features our Sacred Smudge Stick with aromatic notes that celebrate all of nature’s elements.

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Awaken – Sweet Citrus, Sanctuary – Soothing Lavender, Invigorate – Crisp Herbal, Renew – Deep Forest