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4 Skin Loving Foods For Super Healthy Skin

Choose These 4 Skin Loving Foods During Your Holiday Festivities

Tres Spa 4 Skin Loving Foods

These 4 skin loving foods have a great reputation in supporting healthy vibrant skin. Best part is they taste good too! You can find them anywhere you go so you can incorporate them into your travel and festival meals.

For many of us, we get set into a pattern in life. We get our daily routines in almost every area of our life because predictability and dependability make us feel warm and comfortable.  Our days come and go and change is gradual. We settle ourselves into nice healthy patterns of fitness, food, and skin care with nourishing products for every aspect of our bodies. But there are times in the year that there is anything but predictability! Times when the food is not anything you would have in your everyday well adjusted personal habit. The Holiday’s with friends and family!

Holiday festivities are wonderful times to be with friends and family and even to travel to different locations. But sometimes this throws us completely off our routines which can leave us feeling a little defenseless. Try adding these 4 vegan friendly gluten free foods that support super healthy skin. These are very common at festival gatherings year round so no matter where you roam, you are bound to find these 4 things. Heck, one of them you can take with you!

Chocolate Rich in Cacao Really Is Good For You

1) Chocolate that is at least 70% Cacao
Get your cacao on! This tasty temptation is bound to be plentiful at celebrations of any kind. Go ahead and indulge a little with this skin loving food. Cacao is one of the foods rich in flavinoids. Flavinoids are anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory power houses. If that weren’t enough, it’s also rich in skin protecting Magnesium and vitamin C, Omega 6 which helps to restore cells, enzymes to help with skin luster. The list goes on.

Loving Legumes

2) Beans, all of them! Yes, hand over those Green Bean beauties!

Skin loving foods from the inside out. Sure you know all the benefits of the bean family for a healthy well balanced digestive system (fiber, protein, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, potassium, copper and zinc to name a few) but did you consider  the double bonus phytonutrients offer?  With the bean family you also get a food rich in phytonutrients. These can help prevent disease. If you are traveling to areas far from your normal surroundings, you will be exposed to bacteria and germs you are not normally exposed to. You are going to need anything that helps support your bodies defense system.

Try a more healthy alternative to the traditional Green Bean Casserole  (I like this one since she uses sun dried tomatoes) You can do this one Raw Vegan or bake it for 20 minutes for Vegan

Sweet or Savory, These Roots Are a Delight

3) Carrots. I never met a carrot I didn’t like!

My favorite of the skin loving foods is one of the most versatile foods. Raw, sautéed, steamed, stewed. pureed, sliced, diced, shaved. Served as an appetizer, main course, or even desert. I will never complain about a carrot. One of my favorite veggies if you cannot tell. You can find this lovely root any time any place. Fresh is best when you can but frozen if you can’t. So what can a carrot do for you? Plenty! But most notably it is a rich source of beta-carotene and that converts to vitamin A and that goes to work at repairing tissue.

Seeds Of Life

4) Seeds

Last but not least of the 4 skin loving foods are the seeds of life. I would think this one would be obvious as to why I would recommend them for good skin health since I use just about all of the seed oils in the skin care I create for Très Spa. But in case you missed it… seeds are nutrient rich in essential fatty acids. They contain an alphabet of vitamins. We need fatty acids for digestion as well as healthy supple hydrated skin. My personal favorite seeds are seeds, Flax seeds, Sunflower seeds (snacking on some now), Pumpkin seeds, and Chia seeds in no particular order. 

Happy travels to you. Enjoy your celebrations with friends and family and exploring new, or rediscovering old familiar places!

P.S. You don’t have to be Vegan to eat these foods. Did you know you can eat like a vegan whenever you want?