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Gluten Free Tabbouleh and Skin Care! What They Have In Common

Gluten Free Tabbouleh and It’s Raw Vegan Too!

Tres Spa's Gluten Free Tabouli Raw Vegan OK I’m gonna share my favorite Raw Vegan food that happens to be gluten free as well. Gluten free Tabbouleh made with hemp seed nut meat (it’s what’s inside the seed shell). This dish is so nutritious and perfectly balanced it’s a meal on it’s own. My favorite salad that is also a condiment. I used it as a dip even. Try spreading it on celery stalks! Yumm!!!!

What Does It Have To With Skincare?

You may be scratching your head and asking “What does Gluten Free Tabbouleh have to do with skincare”. I get it, you wouldn’t think food would play a roll in nutrient rich skin care but it does. The best skincare treatment you can give yourself is in what you choose to eat and drink. How you nourish the inside of your body will have a direct (and even profound) effect on your healthy skin. By eating whole foods that are rich in vitamins and compounds our body needs to function and thrive, we are giving our skin support from the inside out. It also has one of my favorite ingredients I use in formulating skin care for Tres Spa, Hemp seeds. You can find the seeds in some of the soaps and the oil in many of the skin care formulations from face care to body oils to body scrubs all of the organic hand and body lotions and lets not forget the  organic shampoo too!

Here Is What You Need

Here are the ingredients for you to experiment with. I am estimating the measurements since I rarely ever use measuring cups or spoons in the kitchen. I need one creative outlet that allows me to compose with reckless abandon! So when I am in the kitchen, I cook with wild abandon. 🙂

  • Tres Spa and Hemp Seed for Skincare1 cup Hemp Seeds – the taste is heady with warm earthy notes. Super rich in nutrients and excellent source of Omega fatty acids.
  • 1 bun of Parsley chopped. You can use cilantro if there is no parsley around but the end resulting taste is very different. From what I understand they are both excellent to support the liver. For all your liver does for you, you want to support it any way you can so if you can’t find herbs try some dark kale!
  • Onion – Now I like Spring onions ( I know I said yellow in the video but I was holding a bundle of green onions) and I use a bundle of them since they tend to be mild. Red Onion is also an excellent choice but you would only need a tablespoon or three.  Shallots? Okay if you want.
  • Tomatoes! I use a cup or two – I love love love tomatoes. I always have and I crave them!! I remember when I was first diagnosed with Psoriasis – they told me not to eat them. It wasn’t until years later when I was reading research that said dig in and eat tomatoes (as well as others). I was so happy! I had cheated all along, but now I didn’t need to hide my obsession. 🙂
  • 1 Lemon – fresh squeezed and oh so nice. Did you know Lemon juice is a metabolic booster?
  • Pepper to taste – use what pepper you want. There’s a few to choose from out there so feel free to experiment.
  • Sherpa Salt – just a little. I like to add a bit of mineral rich salt
  • Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV as many of us call it. Okay I use a splash or two – depends. But I love Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and I try to use it whenever and wherever I can. If you are not used to ACV, then go easy at first.

Here Is What You Need To Do

Simple steps! You can whip this up in minutes

  1. Get a bowl
  2. Start tossing. Toss in the Hemp Seed, toss in some chopped parsley, toss in some salt, toss in some chopped onion, toss in your sliced or diced tomatoes.
  3. Dash in some black pepper – or hey, why not try some Cayenne pepper for an extra metabolic boost.
  4. Drizzle in a fresh squeezed lemon. I always like to add some Apple Cider Vinegar as well. You can’t go wrong with ACV!
  5. Mix and eat! Or chill it and eat it later.