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Aroma, Natural vs Synthetic

All Scents Are Not Created Equal



There are really only two types of scents.

Natural – those that are extracted from plant material (flowers, stems, leaves, bark, wood, etc…).

Not Natural – those which are synthesized compounds. Personally, I lump those silly oils who call themselves “nearly natural or nature identical into this category since they are made from a hybridized process of plant essence and synthetic compounds. How much of one to the other I have no idea. No one does but the minute you blend a pure essential oil with a synthetic scent, you kind of ruin the point of using nature based and sustainable.

So which one is better?

That all depends on you and what matters most to you. Back in the days before Tres Spa, I loved loved loved the bath shops and the candle shops and all the smelly cosmetic counters with all the perfumes. I would sniff and sniff and sniff to my hearts content. So many smells and such fun names. My personal favorite at the time was Nantucket Briarwood and who didn’t like China Rain?!  I just loved smells and I did not care if it was natural or not, I just liked to sniff. Probably since my eyes were never right from birth, I have always relied more heavily on my ability to smell. If you can’t trust what your eyes are telling you, you have to rely on a back up system for early detection. So my nose took the lead.

With Tres Spa You Have Nature in the palm of your HandsBut then I started my own company,Tres Spa, and I had to make some decisions that would draw lines and boundaries. So, since I have never been known to take the easy path or the most popular one, I decided I would create a company that would not compromise on the commitment to nature. My other love. I mean really, who doesn’t love nature at some level. I was determined to use natural ingredients and create products as close to nature as possible. So I choose essential oils, naturally!

I have never regretted that decision but when I made it, I had no idea what a profound impact it would have on me. Just by surrounding myself with nature, I became more aware and my already keen sense of smell became even sharper. My sense of scent has gotten to the point where I can smell a synthetic fragrance from far away. I don’t know how to put it but the scent is usually strong and very sharp. Like it cuts threw everything and dominates, almost attacking my nose. As a result, I have to hold my breath when I pass by shops that use fragrances and I haven’t entered a candle store in years.I still don’t think we answered the question; Which one is better? 

Remember that series of movies from a few years ago where people started setting up sides and asking “Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?” I’m on “Team Essential oil” and I’d like to believe it is better to be on natures side. It’s not always the easy one but it always feels right to me and as a company it is important to be planet friendly in manufacturing and product design and natural is sustainable. I’m sure others would be quoting science and tossing studies left and right but for me, it just feels like the right thing to do.