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Plant Based Planet Friendly Hair Care

Hair Care for the Green Warrior

Who doesn’t want to look good and feel good? I think we all do. Inside that collective ‘We’ there is a subset of people who want the same as everyone else, but they have a deeper desire. One to make a difference for themselves, but more importantly, for the planet. They are what I affectionately call Green Warriors. A Green Warrior is someone who is interested in making personal choices that help make a positive impact on the planet in real ways. It doesn’t mean they are perfect, but they try to make a difference where they can.

They are the ones who are willing to break the cycle of short single use and long disposal impact for long and multi use with minimal to zero disposal impact. Even with the smallest choice, we can make a profound difference to reduce global devastation and improve natural habitats. Our Green Warriors inform our approach to Hair Care at Très Spa. This is who we created our unique,a s close to nature as possible, hair care line for. We can all be Green Warriors.

Packaging is only part of the story

The simple choice of using our solid shampoo that is organic and 100% pure plant powered makes a difference. The first obvious difference is the fact it’s not in a bottle so there is less plastic waste and less pollution in creating plastic bottles that could end up in waste heaps.* But to be truly planet friendly, we believe you have to dig deeper and consider the ingredients that go into the finished products. Ingredients that are synthesized in a lab could have upstream and downstream adverse impact. What happens to an ecosystem when the plastic and other pollutants in that hair gel leaches into the water system? What kind of chemicals had to go into creating the super synthesized hair product and what was the refuse from their manufacturing? Don’t even get me started on the problems with fragrances!

Plants have power

We rely on plants in all of our hair care products. With the exception of the 1% preservative in our amazing hair gel, the only ingredients you will find are plants. Plants have amazing power and are perfectly balanced in their natural state. They have a bounty of nutrients that are extremely beneficial in supporting our health. The materials are easily harvested and can effortlessly be assimilated by humans. Perhaps this is why, for many centuries, plants were our only medicine. For the hair care, we carefully select the plants to work in harmony with each other to provide the maximum nutritional benefit that hair needs. Plants are either cold pressed, steamed, or minimally processed in order to extract the botanical matter. We harness all that natural power to formulate our full line of hair care: Organic Shampoo, Hair Hydro, Organic Hair Oil, and our natural Hair Gel.

Our goal was to create products that are very effective yet so gentle on the environment that there would be no downstream adverse impact. Since Très Spa hair care products are formulated from nature they are safe to go back to nature. You could be in the middle of the most delicate of eco-systems on the planet and trust that you can use our products freely without causing any harm.

*Please note, all of our packaging is curbside recyclable or threw our hosted recycle program.

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What is a Hair Hydro?

The Très Spa Hair Hydro‘s is one of our most versatile creations. Hair Hydro’s are a light water based hair finishing rinse that can serve more than one purpose. Since they are water based, they will not build up on the hair or scalp so you can leave them in or rinse them out.

She stopped by to pick up her years supply of the Lavender Chamomile Hair Hydro. Her favorite hair de-tangler that she has been using since she was a toddler. She wanted to let me know it was the only one she trusts.
  • As a Cleanser – Some botanical have astringent properties, making them beneficial in cleansing. They don’t have the same oil busting capability of a true soap however. So as a regular cleanser, you would need to fortify your hair care with our organic shampoo or a No Poo treatment. If you feel like you just have to clean your hair everyday (like after a run or workout) then this would be the perfect option. It offers enough to help keep your hair and scalp feeling fresh
  • As a Conditioner – The botanical do offer nourishment specifically beneficial for hair care. But this is a water based product so the coverage is thin. If you are in need of deeper repair or a way to prevent frizz, then you may want to advance to another option.
  • As a De-tangler – The hydro is great for using to moisten the hair prior to combing out. You never want to brush or comb dry hair or hair that is overly wet as it could contribute to serious hair breakage. Not to mention the fact that it’s just downright painful. Spritzing a Hair Hydro can help give you just enough moisture to help you glide a comb or brush through. I use this just about every day for my difficult overly cowlick hair. Works great for children’s hair as well.
  • As a Finishing Rinse – If you are looking to add a bit of freshness to your hair and scalp or to lightly nourish your hair after a cleansing routine, then the Hair Hydro is the perfect solution.
  • As a Styling Aid – Our Hair Hydro’s can also be used prior to styling your hair to give your hair and scalp a little extra support. Styling can cause damage to your hair and scalp so you will want to offer as much restorative support you can.

Très Spa Hair Hydro’s a pure plant power so they are the perfect eco- friendly travel companion. The bottles can be easily recycled at your curbside or you can choose to participate in our Recycle Program.

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Creating products in harmony

Once we have the idea of a product type and the application, then the fun of exploration begins. An idea or concept only gets you so far. Now is the time to put in the real work.

Our development process

Experimentation – This is where we hit the books and study each one of the potential ingredients. We have an idea of the basic product but we need to know what we are trying to solve with it. Based on that information we need to research potential ingredients. The list may be very long at first but eventually it gets thinned down to a beneficial blend. Once the ingredients are selected then it’s a matter of creating the right balance. Fine tuning to measure out what the optimal percentage of one ingredient over the other in the total formulation.

We also spend time researching and designing product packaging if the product we are creating is completely novel from anything we currently create.

Trials – Depending on the product being developed, there can be several revisions of testing. It starts with the internal team and a couple of extras that are close to Très Spa. Feedback is compiled and any new adjustments are made then a new version is sent out. Once it passes this level of test group, it then goes out to the larger Beta Test crew. Then the cycle repeats until we have a product that we can all be proud of.

Release – Once all testing is passed and all adjustments have been made to the formula, the packaging and labels come next.

Retirement – Once in a while we decide to retire a product or a variation. We may bring it back at a later day, but we feel it is important to clear out one thing before starting a new one.

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Our desire is to solve a need

Très Spa Organic Conditioning Shampoo Rosemary Tea Tree & a kiss of Mint Bar

Our usual inspiration for products comes from a need. For example, one summer was particularly hot and we thought it would be nice to feel a little cooler so we created our organic dusting powders. Or that time we went on the “No Poo” kick and decided to ditch the bottle shampoo. This is how our Hair Hydros got developed and then the subsequent organic conditioning shampoos.

Sometimes it comes from our customer requests. We would have never done deodorant sticks unless our customers kept requesting it. But when we did create a stick, we made it a multipurpose stick suitable for runners. Runners need sticks that will not irritate and can be used to prevent chaffing skin or even be used safely on broken skin.

Our product ideas never come from following what others are doing. In fact, some things we intentionally stall at delivering because we don’t want to be influenced by others.

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Our guiding ethos

Designing personal care products in harmony

Our products reflect our company guiding principals and what we believe. Très Spa designs skin care products that are as close to nature as you can get. Modern science and technology has brought us many things. Some are life saving while others cause destruction. When selecting ingredients that go into our personal care line, we made a few important decisions long ago and we stand by them today;

  • Keep it real! Use only natural plant based oils that are organic whenever possible, botanicals, and food grade ingredients.
  • All ingredients are active – Each one of the ingredients has purpose and meaning, contributing to the complete formulation. We wont use cheap fillers to artificially bulk up our products. We also select ingredients for their nutritional density and their ability to “feed” the skin or hair.
  • No imitation – We only use pure, unadulterated essential oils. We never use synthetic fragrances – ever. So if you want the banana berry pineapple scent, we suggest you buy the fruit.
  • Choose sustainable sources – We emphasize using ingredients that can be sustained both ecologically and economically, without causing devastation to any region or harm to any living habitat.
  • Be original – All of our designs or formulations come from a variety of inspirational sources. Our own desire and experience, customer responses and interactions, and nature around us to name a few. We will not reproduce or replicate someone else’s work. It’s just plain rude so please don’t ask.

With Très Spa you can be confident that what we use has been carefully selected with purpose. It is an old world wisdom we rely on. A wisdom of the ages in researching and applying natures finest gifts over centuries of time.