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Tres Spa Fresh and Natural Skin Care

We all share one birthright, our position as stewards of the environment. No matter what your position is in life, you own this birthright and the duties and responsibilities that go along with it. What you do matters and the choices you make every day make a difference. Something as simple as how you care for and nurture your skin is one of them and who you choose to support with your purchasing power can have a profound impact. At Très Spa, we take our stewardship responsibility seriously. We focus on all of the little things that go into creating and distributing superior skin care products. We are always striving to make adjustments and improvements to advance our management skills. Sustainability is deeply rooted in our guiding ethos.

Sustainable ingredients

Our quest for sustainability starts with all of the ingredients that go into each product. If you can plant a seed, grow it, harvest, and re-grow it: it’s sustainable. So from the very beginning we made the decision to use botanical ingredients. The oils we use are cold pressed from nuts and seeds that have been grown and harvested responsibly. The scents come from pure essential oils that are cold pressed, steam distilled, or extracted. You will never find artificial fragrances in any of our products. As we have grown and evolved we made the commitment to become full vegan as well as supporting organic growers.

With the exception of a couple of preservatives required for product safety, you won’t find synthesized compounds or nearly natural or nature identical ingredients in our products. We only create authentic natural products.

What you also wont find in our products are chemicals that have been shown to have deleterious effects on delicate environments.

Many products have actually been banned from areas of the planet due to the adverse downstream effects they have. The most notable are certain Sun Screens and Bug Repellents. *If you want an environment friendly bug repellent, you should check out our Hiker’s Heaven line. 

At Très Spa, we design our products to be so gentle on the planet that you could stand in the middle of the most delicate remote area of the planet and freely use our products without harming a single living organism. With the exception of bacteria. Soap (this includes our shampoo) has been shown to kill many forms of harmful bacteria. Our products come from nature and are easily absorbed back into nature.

Responsible packaging

We have to put the products in something. In a perfect world, you would be able to stop by and fill up your bottle, jars, and bags but that is not realistic. So we do our best to make the best possible choices that meet the challenges of our customer needs. The organic soaps and organic shampoo are wrapped in recycled paper. All of our white paper labels are printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper. Our packaging can be recycled, reused, and even re-purposed. You can even purchase refills for our stick products. Quite a few of our customers are international travelers so our products need to be travel ready, hence the PET bottles.

We continue to evaluate and make improvements when we can, making Très Spa even better.

Conservation in creation

As a creator of products, it is our responsibility to make sure we are mitigating the effects of manufacturing by controlling the downstream impact. With over a decade of experience we have fine tuned our vendor selection and our processes to minimize waste. In addition, we offset our carbon footprint through charitable donations.