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Creating products in harmony

Once we have the idea of a product type and the application, then the fun of exploration begins. An idea or concept only gets you so far. Now is the time to put in the real work.

Our development process

Experimentation – This is where we hit the books and study each one of the potential ingredients. We have an idea of the basic product but we need to know what we are trying to solve with it. Based on that information we need to research potential ingredients. The list may be very long at first but eventually it gets thinned down to a beneficial blend. Once the ingredients are selected then it’s a matter of creating the right balance. Fine tuning to measure out what the optimal percentage of one ingredient over the other in the total formulation.

We also spend time researching and designing product packaging if the product we are creating is completely novel from anything we currently create.

Trials – Depending on the product being developed, there can be several revisions of testing. It starts with the internal team and a couple of extras that are close to Très Spa. Feedback is compiled and any new adjustments are made then a new version is sent out. Once it passes this level of test group, it then goes out to the larger Beta Test crew. Then the cycle repeats until we have a product that we can all be proud of.

Release – Once all testing is passed and all adjustments have been made to the formula, the packaging and labels come next.

Retirement – Once in a while we decide to retire a product or a variation. We may bring it back at a later day, but we feel it is important to clear out one thing before starting a new one.