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Our desire is to solve a need

Très Spa Organic Conditioning Shampoo Rosemary Tea Tree & a kiss of Mint Bar

Our usual inspiration for products comes from a need. For example, one summer was particularly hot and we thought it would be nice to feel a little cooler so we created our organic dusting powders. Or that time we went on the “No Poo” kick and decided to ditch the bottle shampoo. This is how our Hair Hydros got developed and then the subsequent organic conditioning shampoos.

Sometimes it comes from our customer requests. We would have never done deodorant sticks unless our customers kept requesting it. But when we did create a stick, we made it a multipurpose stick suitable for runners. Runners need sticks that will not irritate and can be used to prevent chaffing skin or even be used safely on broken skin.

Our product ideas never come from following what others are doing. In fact, some things we intentionally stall at delivering because we don’t want to be influenced by others.