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Introducing Coal & Kelp Organic Face Cleanser

Introducing our newest Organic Face Cleanser

Coal & Kelp featuring Activated Charcoal and Sea Kelp.

At Très Spa we strive to create unique products that nourish you Mind, Body, and Spirit while maintaining our commitment to design products in harmony with nature. We have had several requests for a black soap also known as charcoal soap. We heard you.

Your Face Deserves The Best

We choose your face. Why? Because of all your body parts, this is the one that faces the highest level of environmental assaults. The instant you open your front door and step out into the world, you are exposed to pollutants. The farther you go, the more you pollution you are exposed to. Hop into your car or the bus or the train and now you have exhaust particles to add to the mix. We didn’t even get to mention the products we pack on before we leave the house!

Needless to say, your face is constantly under assault and in need some extra T.L.C. . The other reason we choose to focus on your face is that in order for the charcoal to have any effect, it needs to stay on your skin longer than a shower would allow.


Natural, Gentle, & Effective

All this being said, it’s important for you to have a natural cleanser that is in harmony with nature. Gentle yet effective enough to cleanse without irritation. Activated Charcoal to help detoxify and life supporting Sea Kelp with power house mineral nutrients.  You can read more about how Activated Charcoal works in our blog. Activated Charcoal

Fair warning, while we did use our very popular Lemon Ginger snap essential oil blend, the scent of Sea Kelp can be very pronounced, but we didn’t make this to smell pretty, we made it to help you look pretty.  


Tres Spa Organic Face Cleanser Coal and KelpCoal & Kelp Organic Face Cleanser is now available on line and on Amazon



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