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How to make your face mask

No matter which mask you use and no matter which wetting agent you choose, these are the same steps you will follow to mix, apply, and remove your fresh face mask. If you want some ideas or inspiration, read our Mineral Mask Mash Up article. You can also find additional information in our FAQ for Tres Spa Facials

Get it together before you start:

  • Clean Towels – to pat dry with in the end
  • Tools and accessories – You’ll want a bowl, a brush and some kind of wash cloth
  • Wetting agent – What ever you plan to make your mask with, you’ll want that ready on the side.

Time needed: 40 minutes

We recommend you do this twice a week but who does that? We don’t even do it. Truth is we all find the time whenever we can. Hopefully, by keeping it simple, you will have the opportunity to carve out 30 minutes at least once a week to pamper your face.

  1. Add 1 to 2 Tablespoons of the powder into a dish

    You can use a bowl or a cup, just pick something small enough and deep enough to hold the powder and the wetting agent and still have room to stir. When I travel, I usually use the hotel room water glasses. At home I have a charming silver bowl. Tres Spa Face Mask Step 1

  2. Add a bit of your wetting agent

    Start out with just enough to get things just wet. You can always add more if you need to. If you add too much liquid you can add more powder and refrigerate the leftovers for your next facial (as long as your next facial is in a couple of days). The more delicate the wetting agent, the shorter the shelf life so you never want to make up so much you can’t use it in one application. For this exercise I used simple water in the interest of time. Tres Spa Face Mask Step 2

  3. Mix thoroughly

    You want to make sure you mix it all the way through. Break up any clumps of clay and if you are using pureed plants make sure you have really blended them well. Incorporating all of the mineral mask. Tres Spa Face Mask Step 3

  4. Get the right consistency

    Personally I like to have my mask at about the consistency of pancake mix. You can have it thinner if you want but I like to have a thicker mask that wont dry as fast. After all I have to sit with it for at least 20 minutes. If you are using pureed plants in your mask, expect it to be a bit thicker and it may have a lump or two. Tres Spa Face Mask Step 4

  5. Brush on

    I like to use a brush to apply my face mask. You can use your fingers, it’s what I did for years. But I do like the smooth even application of our fan brushes. Tres Spa Face Mask Step 5

  6. Wait 20 minutes to let the mask work it’s magic

    Keep your face statue still while you wait. Wiggling you face to much creates cracks in your mask and the skin wont get a nice even coverage. I do not like to let a mask dry for very long. 20 minutes is more than enough time to let the plants work their magic.
    If you find your mask is drying then spritz your face with a bit of fresh water. Just enough to re-moisten but not enough to get it wet and runny.
    While we recommend not talking, you don’t have to just sit there during your mask time. You can get up and do things around the house. Or waist your time in social media. Just remember to keep you face statue still.

  7. Rinse your face mask off

    You can do this over a sink if you want. I have done it this way but I usually make too much of a mess splashing the water up to rinse. I’ve used a washcloth to help but I end up scrubbing to hard and I usually find bits of dry clay in my hair afterwards. I find it’s best for me to just step into a shower. Since I like to apply the mask all the way covering my whole face, neck, and décolleté  area I end up with a good amount of clay to remove.
    If you have the time, you may want to add a steam towel step here. Just mist a clean tea towel and heat it in the microwave, while it is warm, wrap it around your face leaving the nose clear to breath. Lay back for a minute or two until the towel loses it’s heat.
    You may have some small amount of redness or pink color after your rinse but this will fade shortly after. If you leave your mask on for too long or scrub a bit too aggressively it may take longer for your skin to cool off. Tres Spa Face Mask Step 6

  8. Seal it up and lock it in

    The last thing you need to do is finish off your facial with a refreshing spritz of a botanical toner. The toner helps make sure you have removed all the mask remnants as well as helping top cool off your skin. Then lock it in with one of our amazing moisturizers.

The end result, your skin will have a glow and feel as soft as silk to the touch. Freshly exfoliated and renewed.



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