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The beautiful truth

Beauty does not exist

At least there is no one fixed interpretation of what is beautiful. Is it a look, a smell, a touch? It is actually a combination of all of these things and more. But here is the most interesting truth about beauty, it is always open for interpretation. Like a work of art, you are beautiful. Everyone might not agree with us, but that is okay. They have their own internal definition of beauty and how it looks or acts.

The lens of what true beauty is is heavily influenced by a persons internal perceptions and experiences in life as well as the societal norms. For some people really long earlobes and blackened teeth are quite fetching, but that look is not for everyone. Some love the smell of lavender and others are revolted by it. I once knew a person who loved the smell of stinky feet. Can you imagine that?! Go figure!

Beauty requires diversity

Each of us determines the level of attractiveness for ourselves. We may have some similar interests that stem from primal survival and our desire to preserve. But how we pull them all together is unique for the individual. Thank goodness we live in such a diverse world with such wonderful variety of humans.

With so many people on the planet, we would guess that there is at least one of every kind and at least one admirer. But you don’t need to wait for validation from the outside world. Sure, it’s nice to have it. But you can feel beautiful and accepted all on your own.

Beauty is a feeling

We can all agree on this one thing; The most important characteristic of what makes you beautiful is how you feel about yourself. And, quite frankly, how you feel about you and how you treat yourself is the most important loving relationship you can form. After all, this is how you will express love and care for others. So beauty starts from within and it begins with you.

But feeling beautiful does not come easy for many of us. Some of us may feel discounted and over looked by the world around us. Some of us who have suffered ridicule may have an even harder time and struggle to even feel half way decent. So saying you have to feel beauty on the inside might pose a problem. Try these tips to help you spark your inner beauty.