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Organic Powder Made For Exceptional Skincare

Organic Powders by Très Spa Unique & Exquisite

Of course we’re going to say that our Organic Dusting Powders are exceptional, but they really are exceptional in their category and here’s why.

Tres Spa Botanical Blend for Organic Dusting PowderLike any producer, the uniqueness is in the formulation and blend of the final product. At Très Spa we take great pride in carefully selecting each one of the ingredients. We don’t rush into a final product without taking the time to do the homework first. We carefully evaluate how each piece will shape the whole formula, how it will affect your skin care, and how it will impact the planet (we are an Eco-Friendly and Cruelty Free company).

You Need To Have Your Own Vision

Most people take a look at someone else who is doing “it”–whatever it is you want to achieve. We don’t for several reasons.

  1. Just because someone else is doing it doesn’t mean they have it right or have the best way.
  2. If we follow someone else then why the heck are we even bothering being in business?!
  3. We’ll just end up a carbon copy or a cheap imitation of someone else’s creation.
  4. At Très Spa we march to our own drummer. After all, you don’t pay us to be like everyone else, you pay us to be exceptional and unique and yes, different.

Change Your Perspective

When we approach a formulation, like our organic powders, we look at it from the desired result. Why and how would a person want to use a powder? Is organic powder important vs non-organic powder? Then we look at the long list of plants out there that we use to feed ourselves. You see, we think of skin care as a topical application of nourishment. You are feeding your skin just like you would feed your internal organs, your body. Naturally, you feed your external protective cover, your largest organ of all, your skin! Call it simple, but last time we checked the best nourishment was from food we grow not from a synthesized compound created in a lab or from things buried deep in the earth’s core. Don’t get me started on gold flecks in skin care! Seriously people!

Once we get a short list of possible options, we start to play and experiment with each one individually and then as a blended unit. You see, not every plant powder is the same. They all have unique strengths and behaviors just like all of us. When we blend them, we want to play to each one’s strength to create a formula that is exceptional as a whole. There is an abundance of possibilities! Even though we may finalize a formula for the moment, we may go back and modify it down the road. One should never be afraid to adjust along the journey.

Test and Retest and Then Test Some More

Tres Spa Product Testing LabWhen the final list of ingredients is finalized and the blend is perfected, it is time to apply environmental testing. This is where the rubber hits the road. You actually have to use it in real-life scenarios and gather feedback on various performance matrices and observable data. For some, we may set up lab tests like the Three Powder Experiment. For what we cannot do in the lab or with the assistance of our immediate circle of friends, we extend the invitation out to the Très Spa extended circle of friends, the Très Spa customers. They are, by far, the most exceptional group of people and they are the best testers ever. They are never afraid to give candid feedback and are generous with their personal thoughts. In fact, there are many occasions these experts have helped shape our products!

Exceptional People Make Exceptional Products

We can confidently state that Très Spa Organic Dusting Powders are magnificently exceptional, because Très Spa customers are truly magnificently exceptional and they helped shape them for you. Before we started selling the Organic Powder, we had lots of candid input from people just like you.

Often times, when we want to create a new item or design a new synergy blend, we like to get input from others. No one lives on an island of isolation so we reach out to our community. We usually send out a special request for volunteers in our subscriber community. They get free stuff and we get great feedback. We use blind surveys so it is unbiased and people can share candidly. It works great for everyone. They get their “hands in” on the design from ingredients to scent and even to the packaging!

We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed making them for you!

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